President will ensure the health care we need won’t be replaced | Duluth News Tribune

I will never forget that life-changing afternoon as an eighth-grader, scurrying to my house after getting off the school bus to call the dental practice where my mom worked as a hygienist. I always let her know I was home safe and sound.Instead of hearing my mom’s voice that afternoon, the receptionist informed me that my mom was taken to the hospital. After spending several weeks in the hospital, including Thanksgiving, my mom had to have one of her kidneys removed, and she almost died on the operating table in the process. It was a moment I will never forget.Like many other Americans, my mom was born with pre-existing conditions. She was born without a bladder and had kidney and pancreatic issues from birth. My grandpa, now 96, who served in the United States Navy as a dentist, moved his family to Austin, Minnesota, when my mom was a little girl. Why? Because it was close to the Mayo Clinic, one of the best medical facilities in the world, which would give my mom the best health care available.There is nothing any of us care about more in this world than our parents, children, and spouses. On the day I was born, I was found abandoned on the back doorstep of a rural hospital in South Korea next to a garbage dumpster. Five months later, my mom and dad adopted me and made me a Minnesotan — and an American. My mom means the world to me. I love her, cherish her, respect her, and care so much about her.When I think about our country, our health care system, and the direction we need to go in the future, there is nothing more important to me than ensuring that all of us have the best medical options available. That is why I believe in and stand so strongly with our president.President Donald Trump is committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions. This includes ensuring people like my mother will always have access to the best quality medical care in America.Under Democratic proposals, I fear that people like my mother would lose the important health care they need. A public option could lead to 120 million Americans being drawn off their private plans and placed on a government-controlled one. People like my mother would not have a chance.It’s important to me that my mom lives for as long as she possibly can. I want to ensure that people in rural areas, in places similar to where my mom and dad are retired, have the best access to health care possible. That’s why I stand by President Trump.

Jennifer Carnahan is chairwoman of the Minnesota GOP, a small business owner, and a member of Women for Trump. She wrote this for the News Tribune.

Source: Post RNC, a case for President Trump: President will ensure the health care we need won’t be replaced | Duluth News Tribune

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