Only Trump Will Fight Communist China

By Pastor Paul Chung

US President Trump himself, a few weeks ahead of the presidential election, was directly caught by the Chinese virus that China intentionally spread. President Trump now has the justification for leading the war with China so far, and has a justification for proclaiming war with China. Moreover, there has been a political responsibility theory that Trump has been unable to properly respond to the deaths of the 200,000 Americans from the Chinese virus, which has now been lifted. This is because President Trump himself became a victim of the Chinese virus.

It is now possible to attack China aggressively. Trump will be able to attack China, who is in charge of spreading the virus, as the primary threat, and will appeal greatly to the public.

When Trump is confirmed, the Chinese are cheering loudly, with hundreds of millions of cheering and mocking comments on such articles. Moreover, the Chinese government’s agency, The Hwangu Times, is showing a welcome attitude saying that he will lose the election due to the Trump infection, which will amplify the anger of Americans. It’s not when China likes it, it’s time to be scared.

The Trump camp would like to take the frame of this presidential election as “Will you choose Trump to lead the war with China to victory or Biden to surrender to China?”

Trump’s camp can tell the American people: ‘Trump himself was terrorized by a virus spread by China. Trump will not tolerate the continuing vices of the CCP. Trump will take the lead in defending Americans and world liberal democracy from Chinese threats. We hope that the American people who love freedom and justice can help. If you choose a Biden who defends the pro-China forces, China’s evil deeds will continue and peace between the United States and the world will be broken. Pro-China Biden’s victory means not only Trump’s defeat, but also China’s victory in the US-China War. This will bring about an ominous situation for the United States to be swung under China’s initiative. The liberal democratic system that has made America great will face a crisis.’

As such, the election frame of winning or losing the war with China will have a great effect before the election. In addition, it could be used as a justification to prevent the CCP from intervening in illegal elections.

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