RNC Launches Asian Pacific American Print and Online Ad Buys

The RNC is launching a six-figure print and online ad buy as part of their on-going effort to engage with Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans. This is the latest in the Party’s multi-year, multi-pronged effort to engage with targeted communities on the issues which mean the most to them. Ads will be placed nationally and in battleground states in voters’ native languages: Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, as well as in Indian American newspapers. Messaging will highlight how the President and Republicans’ policy initiatives align with each audience’s values and direct voters to the RNC’s vote.gop, where they can register to vote, check their voter registration and make a plan to vote.

“The RNC has made a historic and concerted effort to meet voters where they are through targeted investments in Black, Asian Pacific American, and Hispanic communities. We are talking with voters in their own languages, meeting with Americans of all backgrounds in their communities, and going after every vote in the home stretch of this campaign. Coupled with our latest ad buy, these unprecedented efforts to engage with minority communities will put us over the edge in closely contested battleground states, propelling President Trump and Republicans to victory.”

– Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairman

“Asian Pacific Americans across the country are thriving under the Republican Party’s winning agenda for equal opportunity and access to choice in education and economic resources. To continue these pro-growth policies, Asian Pacific Americans must vote this year. Go to vote.gop to setup an individualized plan to be represented this election year.”

– Kara Caldwell, Deputy Director of Media Affairs, APA  

APA Ad Messaging in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, and Nationally

Republicans are fighting for all Asian Americans:

•             Access to Choice in Education

•             Access to Economic Resources

•             Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

Vote for equal opportunity for all Asian Pacific Americans




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The RNC and the Trump campaign has been in communities across the country for several cycles, but has ramped upped efforts to engage in these communities since President Trump was elected in 2016. The policy achievements of President Trump and Republicans has helped to further cement relationships with Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans, among various other specialty groups. Because we have a permanent, on-the-ground presence, we’ve built relationships with minority communities and expanded our presence nationwide. Our permanent presence allows us to be active in communities year-round, and this will pay massive dividends on November 3rd.

  • The RNC and Trump campaign have established 8 community centers dedicated to engagement with Asian Pacific Americans.
  • The Party has also opened 17 community centers focused on engaging the Latino community.
  • In addition, 15 community centers are geared at engaging the Black community.
    • Just in the last week, the Party launched a paid voter contact initiative to directly target and engage with minority voters in urban areas.
  • Trump Victory’s Strategic Initiatives team has held 7,402 events this cycle, including hundreds of events aimed at engaging Asian Pacific Americans, Black Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

o    Have held our Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Trainings in 11 different languages.

  • During Hispanic Heritage Month alone, we held over 300 events nationwide aimed at engaging the Hispanic American community.
  • We also actively communicate with minority communities in their native languages, regularly pitching press not only in English but in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese.

African American Ad Messaging:


Spanish Ad Messaging:

Republicans are fighting for our:

Freedom, Opportunity, Faith, Family

Vote to protect YOUR American Dream


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