Koreans at Graham’s Prayer March “The Return”




Has America moved so far from God, it’s passed the point of no return? Religious believers gathering on the National Mall and around the nation September 26th are pleading with God that it not be so.

At two huge events – Washington Prayer March 2020 and a solemn assembly called The Return – they’ll be praying America be given more time. Evangelist Franklin Graham and prophetic writer Jonathan Cahn both say God led them separately to call for these huge assemblies on the National Mall September 26th. “God is Converging Everything” Cahn doesn’t think it’s just a coincidence. He told CBN News, “God is converging everything. That’s how important this day is.”

In a promotional video for The Return, Cahn pointed out the significance of this time, saying, “This will take place not only 40 days before the presidential election but also on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America’s founding and dedication to God.” He insists the country has to get back to that dedication…or else. America: Dividing & Disintegrating? “I believe that America is heading to calamity if it continues on its course, and I believe we have the warning signs all around us,” Cahn argued. “We could have [a] total economic collapse. We’re already seeing the beginning of it. We could have the dividing of America, the breakdown, the disintegration of America.” He added, “It would also mean persecution for the people of God. It could also mean the end of religious freedom.”



Source: Franklin Graham’s Prayer March & Jonathan Cahn’s ‘The Return’ Aim to Keep USA From ‘Point of No Return’ | CBN News

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