Many Korean Pastors are Voting for Trump!

Korean PK’s are “agonizing with one another that MANY of our parents were voting for President Trump to be reelected thinking it is the RIGHT THING to do by God.”   Korean-Americans for Trump are beyond THRILLED about this news!    Our parents get it:  why don’t you?

  1.  Our parents understand the evils of communism and the dire consequences for religious freedom and faith under Biden-Harris.  Only Trump will fight Communism and Communist China. 
  2. Our parents hear first-hand, disturbing reports from South Korea under Leftist rule:  silencing/imprisonment of conservatives;  severe discrimination of churches/Christians;  more poverty/unemployment;  government control of media.  Cherished freedoms are being lost.  Korean Pastors don’t want to see America go down this path.
  3. Democrats have embraced a radical agenda that does not align with Biblical principles and Christian values.
  4. Our parents are not looking at personality, rhetoric, and Tweets.   They are looking at real consequences of ideology and worldview.
  5. Biden is no saint, but has a long history of racism, lies, and blatant corruption.
  6. President Trump’s Coronavirus response has been decisive and historic, including the travel ban from China and CARES Act.  He has brought relief and saved lives.  Biden’s plan?   Trump has already been doing all of it!
  7. This is a choice between good and evil;  hope and despair;  life and death;  freedom and tyranny.   WAKE UP, CHRISTIANS!

Read the letter here:  LETTER TO OUR PARENTS 부모님께 보내는 편지 | by KAPKA USA | Oct, 2020 | Medium

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