Big Tech’s Campaign for Basement Biden

Like many of you, I am feeling grief, shock, and disappointment by the Election results and national chaos.  I really did not think Basement Biden had a chance against Trump’s aggressive ground game, off-the-charts enthusiasm, and a record of promises kept.  I am deeply disturbed that Facebook and Twitter have censored ads and posts about Kamala Harris’ record and Hunter Biden’s corruption.  Facebook’s Zuckerberg donated over $750 million to get out the vote, of course targeted at Democrat voters.  Google changed its homepage to get out the vote, targeted at Democrat voters.  Big Tech indeed shifted 15 million votes to Biden, resulting in the “greatest electoral heist in American history.”  The Mainstream Media’s coverage of Donald Trump was disgusting and obscene!   

Biden promises to undo Trump’s actions through executive orders.  Democrats will fight to ensure Republicans never win the Presidency again through massive amnesty, nationalized elections, and “packing the Court.”   There’s still hope!   Our Constitution allows others means to settle contested elections!    Federal law, 3 U.S.C., Section 2, recognizes state legislatures’ continuing power to choose electors after Nov. 3 if the election on that date fails.  Let’s pray fervently for this outcome!   

If Biden becomes our President, God is sovereign and in control of nations and rulers!   President Trump has started a historic movement with Patriots fighting for life and liberty.  By comparison, John McCain and Mitt Romney were drab and uninspiring!   I do not believe that this movement ends with his defeat.  I am grateful that we were a part of it.  We could retake the House in 2022, and Donald Trump Jr could run in 2024!   

A bright note:  Michelle Park Steel and Young Kim will be the first Korean-American, Republican women to serve in Congress!   These are 2 impressive, accomplished, and beautiful women to represent us!   


Lisa Shin

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