Chinese Communist Party: “pushing America out of existence.”

“This COVID-19 has been the most disadvantageous to Europe and America,” Li, a sociologist, said in a speech at a forum in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Oct. 16.“It has been the most beneficial to North Korea and China.”He pointed to the regime’s official death toll of around 4,000—a figure that is likely vastly fewer than the true figure given the regime’s systemic and consistent coverup and underreporting of outbreaks across China.“But compared to the 220,000 deaths in the United States, 4,000 equates to no deaths at all, right?” he said while laughing.Li went on to tout China’s economic recovery amid the pandemic.“The day that China will surpass the U.S. has advanced,” he said, adding that by “2027 will not be a problem.”“America cannot survive,” Li said.He said that Chinese people failed to realize that “it’s not the U.S. that is cracking down on China. In fact, we are the ones pushing America out of existence.”

Source: Chinese Scholar Brags That Pandemic Has Accelerated Beijing’s Plans to Surpass US

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